Email Marketing

Email Marketing

When you have engaging content that goes out once a month it develops better customer relationships, and drives growth. Our team will consult with you to determine the best solution(s) for your specific needs and then design, develop, and put together a professional email piece that will go out every month. We also manage your database of emails and monitor the results. We literally do everything for you. And by the way, all email marketing pieces come from your email address so customers can respond to you, not us. They will never know who we are. As we like to say, we do all the work. You get all the credit.
The bottom line? You will have a complete email marketing program over night while your competition is sitting still. You win, they lose.

Email Marketing FAQ’s

How much does it cost?

MarketVex sends over 50,000 targeted email pieces every month.  Some clients have list of several hundred customers, some have thousands of customers. Depending on your list size and how often we send the piece, it can be as little as $189 per month.

What does that include though?

That includes everything.  The cost to send the emails, the research we do, we help write the content, we design it, we test it and we report back and let you know who opened it, which emails bounced back, etc.  We are your employee in that instance.

Is email marketing really the best ROI?

Yes, because of the low cost it’s still the best return on investment.  With research, proper content and testing, we average a 28% verifiable open rate.  To compare, direct mail cost thousands to print and mail and average about a 4% open rate.

Is it included in monthly partnerships?

Yes.  Depending on which level of partnership you need, we structure an email program to fit the budget.  For instance, if you hire us at $189 per month for a custom site, we include a quarterly email program (up to 2,000 contacts). See monthly partnerships for more info.