Best US Cities for Gig Economy Nomads To Consider

Photo by Unsplash

Photo by Unsplash

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Best US Cities for Gig Economy Nomads To Consider

Many people love traveling and exploring new places, but traditional jobs don’t allow much time to do so. However, with today’s economic landscape, more employers are offering gig job options. Most of these jobs allow people to work remotely from anywhere, opening the opportunity for workers to travel extensively while still earning an income.

Rather than being discouraged by not having full-time employment, many digital nomads are embracing the gig economy and using it to fulfill their desire to explore. Before heading out, be sure that your desired locations will support the needs of gig economy nomads.

What Is the Gig Economy?

Simply put, the gig economy refers to short-term ways for people to earn money. For example, food delivery drivers, freelance writers, consultants, online marketplace sellers, skilled contractors and temporary office staff are considered gig workers. While some positions require workers to be on-site, many don’t.

What Do Solopreneur Nomads Need?

In contrast to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs are self-employed without partners or employees. Solopreneurs working remotely need a place to live and high-speed internet. Those who work on-site need an environment that regularly offers gig employment they’re qualified to perform.

When deciding your next destination, consider:

  • Seasonal weather
  • Cost of living
  • Natives’ friendliness to “foreigners”
  • Attractions and dining options
  • Workspaces
  • Crime rates
  • Internet options

Many gig workers occasionally need a professional workspace. Co-working spaces allow several independent solopreneurs to temporarily rent an office or cubicle without having to lease an entire property. If you need this option, be sure to research possible destinations for their availability and pricing.

Top US Cities to Explore

If you’re a gig economy nomad or are interested in becoming one, you may choose to move to cities you’ve always wanted to visit. However, if you’re more of a “throw a dart at a map” type person, here are a few great cities to consider.

Sacramento, CA

Sacramento’s weather is good year-round, and its cost of living is less than several other California cities. The capital of California, Sacramento boasts lots of activities and places of interest, and the Pacific Ocean is only 95 miles away. Home purchase prices are $515,000 on average, and rental costs average $1,415 per month.

Seattle, WA

This popular Pacific Northwest city is a mecca for tech and digital nomads. With an abundance of things to do, from museums to outdoor exploration, Seattle can be a great place to stop off for a while. This city definitely has a higher cost of living, so keep that in mind. Apartments in Seattle, Washington, average $2,345 for a one-bedroom apartment. 

Nashville, TN

Known as Music City, the Nashville area offers many cultural and historical attractions, along with the vibrant nightlife. Nashville hosts professional sports teams and the Grand Ole Opry. The cost of living in Nashville, Tennessee, is less than the national average, and many rental housing options are available with an average price of $1,689 monthly.

Jacksonville, FL

If you love warm weather and beaches, consider moving to Jacksonville. Outdoor activities abound, and shared office spaces are abundant. The average living space rental is $1,211per month in Jacksonville.

Austin, TX

Catering to digital nomads, Austin, Texas, has many co-working spaces, is a tech capital and has a growing movie scene. The nightlife, artistic, musical and eating venues provide lots of fun opportunities. You can expect to pay an average of $1,323 monthly for rent.

Use the Gig Economy for Your Benefit

Today’s gig economy provides unique opportunities for digital nomads and wannabes. Find areas you’d like to explore and start packing!

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