Why Responsive Is So Important

We all know that customers and clients check sites quite often on a mobile device.  On average, in the year 2016, our client websites received roughly 50% of their traffic from phones.  Some were more, some were less, it depends on the site and the service provided.  With that said though, it’s growing more and more critical to make sure you have a responsive site.

Responsiveness on a website is now part of Google’s algorythm.  In other words, Google wants to send web searches (customers) to sites that are responsive? I’m often asked why does Google care?  It’s simple.  Google wants their users to have a good web experience and when they send traffic to sites that offer a pleasant mobile experience (not zooming in and out and sliding the page over left and right to read it) they enjoy the site better.

Now Google is starting to push what they call AMP, or, Accelerated Mobile Pages.  So no longer is it enough to simply have a responsive site, they want the site to load quickly on a mobile browser.

AMP is something we are starting to experiment with here at MarketVex.  We are anxious to see the improvements it makes and if it seems to help in search results.  We will keep you posted of course.