Website Security, Hosting, Email

Website Security, Hosting, Email

Easily the fastest growing trend in today’s internet-connected world is security threats.  If you watch the news you’ve heard about companies like Target and Lowes security breaches.  Many small business owners tend to think nobody cares to hack their site since they don’t have credit cards stored or customer’s social security numbers.  While those can be targets of hackers, the vast majority of hackers simply want access to any site, YOUR site, so they can install malware, create fake pages and send spam messages from your site.  This is done with automated software, called Brute Force software that can scan millions of websites a day and try millions of password combinations per minute.  Yes, millions.

Advanced Server and Web Hosting Security

For our secure web hosting clients, we not only provide fast and reliable hosting on one of our dedicated servers, but we pro-actively take measures to stop attacks before they occur.  We do this by monitoring sites for any malicious activity (that happens just about every day to every site) and taking action if we see any issues.  We have a skilled team member, a Server Security Specialists, who makes sure our hosting servers are always hardened to provide the maximum security from outside threats.

Professional Email with Spam Protection

MarketVex offers professional, domain specific email.  Ex:  This lends to a professional brand appearance.  Spam protection is included and we provide all connection options so you can receive email in clients like Outlook as well as any mobile device.

Security, Hosting and Email FAQ’s

How much for secure web hosting?

Security protection and web hosting plans start at $29 per month.  At this time, it is included in all of our monthly web design and partnership programs.

What happens if my site is breached?

While we are able to prevent the vast majority of breaches, should that occur we will remove all threats and make sure the site is once again secure.  There is no additional cost to you.

Is hosting all done in the cloud?

Yes, it’s standard practice now to have cloud based servers.  The days of having physical servers sitting in an office are over.  It’s very expensive and time consuming (which means more money for you).

What if I want Microsoft Exchange email?

That’s not a problem.  Some clients choose exchange because it allows them to share outlook calendars, book resources (ex: conference rooms) and more.  Microsoft fees apply, but we can help you get that set up.