Twitter ads versus Facebook ads

We get asked quite a bit if it’s better to run ads on Facebook or Twitter. The answer to that question depends on many factors. Factors that sometimes make us recommend Twitter, or Facebook or both. Factors such as budget, demographics, will we promote a product or service? Or is it just general brand awareness? In both platforms you can run a variety of campaigns meant to create awareness or drive conversions (click thru’s to your website or a particular page on your site for example).

We recently ran a Twitter campaign for a client in the Memphis area that produced over 72,000 impressions with 1,200 click thru’s to the clients site. The client budgeted $750 for the campaign. If 2% of the people made a purchase (retail client that averages about $74 a transaction) the campaign had a great ROI. But we also have good success on both Facebook ads and boosted post. Again, it depends on many factors. My advice to clients is research, research, research and understand what the specific goal of the campaign is. If you do that you have the best possibility of success.