Logo and Brand Design

Logo and Brand Design

One of our main goals at MarketVex is to make sure you have a professional online image (brand) even if you are a small business.  Most of our clients have 1 – 10lakelandschoollogo employees, but if you searched for them online you would assume they are a large, well established company.  That is branding.  And having a great brand and logo is the starting point of every company’s success.

If you are starting out, we not only design a beautiful logo that works well on your website, your printed marketing pieces and embroidered products, we will consult with you about your name, what domains match that name (or are available), why the name might be a problem or might be great, etc.

For logos we not only consider the logo itself, but how that logo will work for your social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  A critical part of any logo design.

Logo FAQ’s

How long does the process take?

After our thorough consultation with you about your business needs and goals, we typically provide a finished product in 3 to 4 weeks time.

How many revisions can I request?

While we typically allow up to 15 revisions, we’re also going to make sure we get it right.  It’s your business and we want you to be 100% satisfied.

Can I have my logo re-designed?

Of course, that’s not uncommon at all.  We will go thru the same process as if you are a brand new business to be sure we understand your needs.

Is it included if I’m a website customer as well?

Yes, for certain monthly plans, the logo and branding service is included.  It makes sense to do a new site, new logo and new brand all at the same time.